[ArXiv] 1st week, Oct. 2007

This week, instead of only filtering AstroStatistics related papers from arxiv, I chose additional arxiv/astro-ph papers related to CHASC folks’ astrophysical projects. Some of papers you see from this week do not have sophisticated statistical analysis but contain data from specific satellites and possibly relevant information related to CHASC projects. Due to the CHACS’ long history (we are celebrating the 10th birthday this year) and my being a newbie to CHASC, I may not pick up all papers related to the projects of current, former, and future CHASC members and dedicated slog readers. For creating a satisfying posting every week, your inputs are welcome to improve my adaptive filter. For the list of this week, click the following.

  • [astro-ph:0709.4598]
    Upper Limits from Hess Observations of AGN in 2005-2007 by Benbow and Buehler
  • [physics.data-an:0709.3662] provides physical insights toward some families of probability distributions
    Econophysics, Statistical Mechanics Approach to by V.M.Yakovenko
  • [astro-ph:0709.4488] could motivate developing machine learning algorithms.
    Determining the Type, Redshift, and Age of a Supernova Spectrum by S. Blondin and J.L. Tonry
  • [astro-ph:0709.4531]
    A Problem with the Clustering of Recent Measures of the Distance to the Large Magellanic Cloud by B. E. Schaefer
  • [astro-ph:0709.4601]
    Multiple stellar populations in Globular Clusters: collection of information from the Horizontal Branch by F. D’Antona and V. Caloi
  • [astro-ph:0710.0370]
    MegaPipe: the MegaCam image stacking pipeline at the Canadian Astronomical Data Centre by S. D. J. Gwyn
  • [astro-ph:0710.0373]
    To Bin or Not To Bin: Decorrelating the Cosmic Equation of State by R. de Putter and E. V. Linder
  • [astro-ph:0710.0619] About EGRET and GLAST
    Unresolved Unidentified Source Contribution to the Gamma-ray Background by V. Pavlidou et. al.
  • [astro-ph:0710.0757] About SOHO(MDI) and RHESSI
    The Cause of Photospheric and Helioseismic Responses to Solar Flares: High-Energy Electrons or Protons? by A. G. Kosovichev
  • [astro-ph:0710.0774]
    NGC 346 in the Small Magellanic Cloud. III. Recent Star Formation and Stellar Clustering Properties in the Bright HII Region N 66 by E. Hennekemper et.al
  • [astro-ph:0710.0874] discusses GLAST as well.
    Constraints on Galactic populations of gamma-ray emitters from the unidentified EGRET sources by J. M. Siegal-Gaskins et.al.
  • [astro-ph:0710.0875]
    Evidence of Cosmic Evolution of the Stellar Initial Mass Function by P. van Dokkum
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