[ArXiv] 3rd week, Sept. 2007

In addition to Short Timescale Coronal Variability in Capella [astro-ph:0709.3093], there were a few statistically interesting preprints came during the 3rd week of Sept.

  • [astro-ph:0709.2499] finding good feature space like colors of stars in H-R diagrams
    Our Search for an H-R Diagram of Quasars by J. W. Sulentic et.al.
  • [astro-ph:0709.3263]
    Principal Components and Independent Component Analysis of Solar and Space Data by A. C. Cadavid, J. K. Lawrence, and A. Ruzmaikin
  • [stat.ap:0709.2701]
    Extending the Optimum Interval Method by S. Yellin

Note that R has packages utilized for Principal Component Analysis, Independent Component Analysis and other dimension reduction methods (click for one of package mirror sites). Understanding predictors or features prior to analysis is the most challenging part, not programming the statistical methodology into computer language.

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