[ArXiv] 4th week, Oct. 2007

I hope there are a paper or two drags your attentions and stimulates your thoughts in astrostatistics from arXiv.

  • [stat.ML:0710.3742]
    Bayesian Online Change Point Detection by R. Adams and D. MacKay
  • [astro-ph:0710.3600]
    Statistical Methods for Investigating the Cosmic Ray Energy Spectrum by J. Hague, B. Becker, M. Gold, J.Matthews, and J. Urb\’a\v{r}
  • [astro-ph:0710.3618]
    Fast algorithms for matching CCD images to a stellar catalogue by V. Tabur
  • [astro-ph:0710.4019]
    A principal component analysis approach to the morphology of Plaetary Nebulae by S. Akras and P. Boumis
  • [astro-ph:0710.4020]
    Dice and Pulsars by V. M. Kontorovich
  • [astro-ph:0710.4075]
    Getting More From Your Multicore: Exploiting OpenMP for Astronomy by M. S. Noble
  • [astro-ph:0710.4143]
    Lensing and Supernovae: Quantifying The Bias on the Dark Energy Equation of State by D. Sarkar and A. Amblard
  • [astro-ph:0710.4158]
    A Cross-Match of 2MASS and SDSS: Newly-Found L and T Dwarfs and an Estimate of the Space Density of T Dwarfs by S. Metchev, et. al.
  • [astro-ph:0710.4262]
    Crowded-Field Astrometry with the Space Interferometry Mission – I. Estimating the Single-Measurement Astrometric Bias Arising from Confusion by R. Sridharan and R. Allen
  • [astro-ph:0710.4556]
    X-Ray Binaries and the Current Dynamical States of Galactic Globular Clusters by J. M. Fregeau
  • [stat.ME]
    The Use of Unlabeled Data in Predictive Modeling by F. Liang, S. Mukherjee, and M. West
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