[ArXiv] Google Sky, Sept. 05, 2007

Ah..Sky in Google Earth made an arxiv appearance [arxiv/astro-ph:0709.0752], Sky in Google Earth: The Next Frontier in Astronomical Data Discovery and Visualization by R. Scranton et al.

  1. vlk:

    Yeah, Google Sky is pretty neat, but be warned — it is glaringly incomplete in some of the most basic things. It doesn’t list the Pleiades, for instance, not even as M 45!

    09-07-2007, 1:58 pm
  2. hlee:

    I don’t expect much although I know it should be charming. Once Google Earth made its debut a few years ago, I played around. It could be wonderful just for fun but hardly helpful for science (1. I admit that it could serve well as preliminary/rudimentary virtual observatory, 2. I’m worrying about its going commercial via links on celestial object names, 3. no matter what, it slows down aged computers)

    09-07-2007, 3:47 pm
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