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Over the years, I noticed the exponential increase of statistical applications from astronomical papers. Keeping the track of them and writing summaries based on daily arXiv updates for the slog over the past few months has become a quite overwhelming task for a single person. Therefore, instead of offering fish, I decide to offer how to catch fish.

How to subscribe and how to cancel subscription is given at the following website:

Simply on your email tool, if you want to subscribe astro-ph (preprints in astronomy, astrophysics, and related fields),
Subject: subscribe J. Smith

No body content for subscribing astro-ph and instead of J. Smith, please put your name.

if you want to subscribe stat (preprints in statistics, which just launched early 2007),
Subject: subscribe J. Smith

Again, please put your name instead of J. Smith and no email body content.

You may subscribe other subjects in the same manner beyond astro-ph and stat. Available arXiv is listed in

Nonetheless, I’ll continue to provide a list of applied statistics papers from astro-ph with titles, authors, and urls, and a few statistical papers which help astronomers to update their statistics on weekly bases with a hope that providing a short list could help those who like to obtain the list of most exciting and recent statistical applications in astronomy and its related fields.

[Added: 06/20/08] To unsubscribe,
Subject: cancel

Other relevant information about subscription, please visit here

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