The last [ArXiv] of 2007

This will be the last [ArXiv] of this year (for some of you, the previous year).

  • [astro-ph:0712.3797] Variable stars across the observational HR diagram L. Eyer & N. Mowlavi
  • [astro-ph:0712.3800] Merger history trees of dark matter haloes J. Moreno & R. K. Sheth
  • [astro-ph:0712.3833] Redshift periodicity in quasar number counts from Sloan Digital Sky Survey J. G. Hartnett
  • [astro-ph:0712.4023] On the Origin of Bimodal Horizontal-Branches in Massive Globular Clusters: The Case of NGC 6388 and NGC 6441 S. Yoon
  • [astro-ph:0712.4140] Bayesian Image Reconstruction Based on Voronoi Diagrams G. F. Cabrera, S.Casassus & N. Hitschfeld
  • [stat.TH:0712.4250] Goodness of fit test for weighted histograms N. D. Gagunashvili
  • [astro-ph:0712.2539] Nonergodicity and central limit behavior for systems with long-range interactions A. Pluchino & A. Rapisarda
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