Virtual Observatory

Another talk in the Visualizing Astronomy series organized by the CXC/CfA folks: Pepi Fabbiano is scheduled to speak on NVO efforts on Thursday, Oct 4, at 1pm at Phillips:


The Virtual Observatory is the astronomers response to the challenge and opportunity presented by the ever increasing volume of digital data from astronomical observatories world-wide and the development of new computer science technologies that can be harnessed for the scientific exploitation of these data. The US National Virtual Observatory (NVO) is a pioneering collaboration that is engaged in developing standards and tools for access to diverse astronomical data archives nation-wide (ground, space, radio-to-gamma frequencies, even theoretical simulations). The NVO is in turn part of a wider similar world-wide collaboration (the International Virtual Observatory Alliance – IVOA). The CfA has been from the beginning part of these collaborations. This talk will describe the VO: purpose, state, and dreams.

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