[ArXiv] 2nd week, May 2008

There’s no particular opening remark this week. Only I have profound curiosity about jackknife tests in [astro-ph:0805.1994]. Including this paper, a few deserve separate discussions from a statistical point of view that shall be posted.

  • [astro-ph:0805.1290]R. Barnard, L. Shaw Greening, U. Kolb
    A multi-coloured survey of NGC 253 with XMM-Newton: testing the methods used for creating luminosity functions from low-count data

  • [astro-ph:0805.1469] Philip J. Marshall et al.
    Automated detection of galaxy-scale gravitational lenses in high resolution imaging data

  • [astro-ph:0805.1470] E. P. Kontar, E. Dickson, J. Kasparova
    Low-energy cutoffs and in electron spectra of solar flares: statistical survey (It is not statistically rigorous but the topic can be connected to dip tests or gap tests in statistics)

  • [astro-ph:0805.1936] J. Yee & B. Gaudi
    Characterizing Long-Period Transiting Planets Observed by Kepler (discusses uncertainty in light curves and Fisher matrix)

  • [astro-ph:0805.1994] the QUad collaboration: C. Pryke et al.
    Second and third season QUaD CMB temperature and polarization power spectra (What is jackknife tests? A brief scan of the paper does not register with my understanding of jackknifing. It looks more close to cross validation. Another slog topic shall come: bootstrap, cross validation, jackknife, and resampling.)

  • [astro-ph:0805.2121] N. Cole et al.
    Maximum Likelihood Fitting of Tidal Streams With Application to the Sagittarius Dwarf Tidal Tails

  • [astro-ph:0805.2155] J Yoo & M Zaldarriaga
    Improved estimation of cluster mass profiles from the cosmic microwave background

  • [astro-ph:0805.2207] A.Vikhlinin et al.
    Chandra Cluster Cosmology Project II: Samples and X-ray Data Reduction (it mentions calibration uncertainty and background, can it be a reference to stacking, coadding, source detection, etc?)

  • [astro-ph:0805.2325] J.M. Loh
    A valid and fast spatial bootstrap for correlation functions

  • [astro-ph:0805.2326] T. Wickramasinghe, M. Struble, J. Nieusma
    Observed Bimodality of the Einstein Crossing Times of Galactic Microlensing Events
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