[ArXiv] 3rd week, Jan. 2008

Seven preprints were chosen this week and two mentioned model selection.

  • [astro-ph:0801.2186] Extrasolar planet detection by binary stellar eclipse timing: evidence for a third body around CM Draconis H.J.Deeg (it discusses model selection in section 4.4)
  • [astro-ph:0801.2156] Modeling a Maunder Minimum A. Brandenburg & E. A. Spiegel (it could be useful for those who does sunspot cycle modeling)
  • [astro-ph:0801.1914] A closer look at the indications of q-generalized Central Limit Theorem behavior in quasi-stationary states of the HMF model A. Pluchino, A. Rapisarda, & C. Tsallis
  • [astro-ph:0801.2383] Observational Constraints on the Dependence of Radio-Quiet Quasar X-ray Emission on Black Hole Mass and Accretion Rate B.C. Kelly et.al.
  • [astro-ph:0801.2410] Finding Galaxy Groups In Photometric Redshift Space: the Probability Friends-of-Friends (pFoF) Algorithm I. Li & H. K.C. Yee
  • [astro-ph:0801.2591] Characterizing the Orbital Eccentricities of Transiting Extrasolar Planets with Photometric Observations E. B. Ford, S. N. Quinn, &D. Veras
  • [astro-ph:0801.2598] Is the anti-correlation between the X-ray variability amplitude and black hole mass of AGNs intrinsic? Y. Liu & S. N. Zhang
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