AstroStatistics School in India

From Prajval Shastri of IIAp comes news of the sequel to last year’s Astrostatistics school at Kavalur, India:

The Indian Institute of Astrophysics and the Center for Astrostatistics, Pennsylvania State University (USA) are jointly organising an 8-day school in fundamental statistical inference as applicable to astrophysical problems during 9-16 July, 2008 ( The school is intended for practising astrophysics researchers at all levels. Details may be found on the website of the school.

For details, email astrostat at

You will have to get there on your own steam, but local expenses will be taken care of by IIAp. Deadline for applications is April 10.

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  1. Joseph Hilbe:

    I invite all those with an interest in the statistical analysis of astronomical data to join the International Statistical Institute’s (ISI) Astrostatistics Network. Last month (December 2009) the ISI executive committee and Council approved the creation of a standing astrostatistics committee and Network, the first such committee authorized under a major statistical or astronomical organization. The web site and information about the committee and Network is:
    Feel free to contact me directly about the Network, hilbe -at-
    Joseph M Hilbe
    Chair, ISI astrostatistics

    01-11-2010, 4:06 pm
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