Lomb-Scargle periodograms in bioinformatics

A statistical method developed by insightful and brilliant astronomers is used in bioinformatics:
Detecting periodic patterns in unevenly spaced gene expression time series using Lomb–Scargle periodograms
by Glynn, Chen, & Mushegian [Click for R code and relevant information] [Paper archive at Bioinformatics]

The conclusion clearly indicates the winning points of the Lomb-Scargle periodograms.

The Lomb-Scargle periodogram algorithm is an effective tool for finding periodic gene expression profiles in microarray data, especially when data may be collected at arbitrary time points or when a significant proportion of data is missing.

My personal wish is that data driven statistical methods by hands on scientists (and their statistical collaborators) are to be used in other disciplines because I believe data sets are likely to share the unknown truth of our one universe.

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