NR, the 3rd edition

Talking about limits in Numerical Recipes in my PyIMSL post, I couldn’t resist checking materials, particularly updates in the new edition of Numerical Recipes by Press, et al. (2007).

The NR website:

Some noticeable additions are

  1. chi-square with small numbers of counts,
  2. various statistical applications including Markov chain Monte Carlo, statistical learning (classification and clustering– KD-tree, model based clustering, nonparametric multivariate data analysis), computational geometry, sparse matrices, kriging, and graphs,
  3. improved functions including incomplete gamma and beta functions,
  4. wavelet on the interval, and
  5. information-theoretic properties of distributions.

I’m sure you’ll find more interesting topics to your liking that are added in this new edition. Maximum Entropy Image Restoration, I didn’t know this topic was in Numerical Recipes in other editions. The third edition looks very modern to me compared to the second edition. You’ll enjoy it.

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