On-line Machine Learning Lectures and Notes

I found this website a while ago but haven’t checked until now. They are quite useful by its contents (even pages of the lecture notes are properly flipped for you while the lecture is given). Increasing popularity of machine learning among astronomers will find more use of such lectures. If you have time to learn machine learning and other related subjects, please visit http://videolectures.net/. Specifically classified links to interesting subjects are found by your click.

Mathematics>Operations Research (lectures by Gene Golub, Professor at Stanford and Lieven Vandenberghe, one of the authors of Convex Optimzation – a link to the pdf file)
Mathematics>Statistics (including Peter Bickel, Professor at UC Berkeley).

Computer Science:
Computer Science>Bioinformatics
Computer Science>Data Mining
Computer Science>Data Visualisation
Computer Science>Image Analysis
Computer Science>Information Extraction
Computer Science>Information Retrieval
Computer Science>Machine Learning
Computer Science>Machine Learning>Bayesian Learning
Computer Science>Machine Learning>Clustering
Computer Science>Machine Learning>Neural Networks
Computer Science>Machine Learning>Pattern Recognition
Computer Science>Machine Learning>Principal Component Analysis
Computer Science>Machine Learning>Semi-supervised Learning
Computer Science>Machine Learning>Statistical Learning
Computer Science>Machine Learning>Unsupervised learning

Physics (You’ll see Randall Smith)

[In the near future, some selected lectures with summary note might be suggested; nevertheless, your recommendations are mostly welcome.]

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