Reduced and Processed Data

Hyunsook recently said that she wished that there were “some astronomical data depositories where no data reduction is required but one can apply various statistical analyses to the data in the depository to learn and compare statistical methods”. With the caveat that there really is no such thing (every dataset will require case specific reduction; standard processing and reduction are inadequate in all but the simplest of cases), here is a brief list:

  1. The 2 Megasecond Chandra observations of the Southern Deep Field, which have been processed, reduced, and mosaiced. (Coincidentally, just last week Peter Freeman had asked me for a nice dataset on which to try out spatial analysis algorithms, and for which some analysis already existed for people to check their results against. These were the data I recommended.)
  2. HEASARC’s W3Browse gives direct access to archived data from various missions. The data products have been already processed in some standard way.
  3. The Penn State Center for Astrostatistics maintains training datasets of various types
  4. ADC, as pointed out by Brian

There are many more, I am sure, and if people find any particularly good ones, please point them out in the comments!

  1. Simon Vaughan:

    Repeated from comment on earlier post:

    – “A Sample of Astronomical Time Series” –

    The UK Swift data centre hosts a light curve repository where you can download ASCII time series for virtually any GRB observed with the Swift/XRT

    - Swift/XRT GRB lightcurve repository

    07-15-2008, 5:29 am
  2. hlee:

    Over the night, quite many inputs were given. :) Thanks to all! I should put all these together and make a page on the top to mimic UCI Machine Learning Repository

    By the way, I’d like to inform that comments with multiple urls need admin’s approval. Please, allow some hours at least.

    07-15-2008, 9:31 am
  3. brianISU:

    Nice post, it seems there is plenty of data to play around with. And yet, here is more. This url is from the book “Prcatical Statistics for Astronomers.” It is the solutions to the excercises which includes the data involved. I haven’t had time to really study the data in the book, but I hope it useful.

    07-15-2008, 1:31 pm
  4. aneta:

    This is a great book and quite fun to read!

    07-20-2008, 6:19 pm
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