Beyond simple models-New methods for complex data

This is a special session at the January 2010 meeting of the AAS. It is scheduled for the afternoon of Thursday, Jan 7, 2-3:30pm.

Abstracts are due Sep 17.

Meeting Justification

We propose to highlight the growing use of ‘non-parametric’ techniques to distill meaningful science from today’s astronomical data. Challenges range from Kuiper objects to cosmology. We have chosen just a few ‘teaching’ examples from this lively interdisciplinary area.

Meeting Notes

This ‘Astro-Statistics’ special session is proposed in concert with an ‘Astro-Informatics’ Special Session, organized by Kirk Bourne. In this proposed ‘Non-Parametrics for the Non-Specialist’ session, we are highlighting just a few of the new, outstanding, applications. Many are coming to fruition just now, in this age of large data-sets, complex instruments, and subtleties of distilling accurate science from indirect measurements. We chose to highlight: complex models (cosmology, black hole mass distributions); and complex data, such as image (spatial); and timing analyses (e.g. transients such as the distribution of Kuiper objecs) from surveys. We invited a mixture of newer and seasoned speakers; and ones that will make good ‘teaching examples’. At the same time, we left out many new areas. Hence we are planning a lively, associated, poster session. The format will be: An Intro by one of the seasoned statisticians; followed by ‘examples’ talks by two astronomers and a physicist. Following, another of the senior statisticians will discuss the principles. Finally, a senior astrophysicist will summarize challenges for the future. We plan to leave time for one-minute poster advertisements highlighting other areas. Expected participants include: Eric Feigelson, Brandon Kelly, Meyer Pesenson, Stanislav (George) Djorgovski, Tom Loredo, Alanna Connors, Pavlos Protopapas, Katrin Heitmann, Chad Schaefer, Xiao Li Meng.

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