[ArXiv] Cross Validation

Statistical Resampling Methods are rather unfamiliar among astronomers. Bootstrapping can be an exception but I felt like it’s still unrepresented. Seeing an recent review paper on cross validation from [arXiv] which describes basic notions in theoretical statistics, I couldn’t resist mentioning it here. Cross validation has been used in various statistical fields such as classification, density estimation, model selection, regression, to name a few.

A survey of cross validation procedures for model selection by Sylvain Arlot

Nonetheless, I’ll not review the paper itself except some quotes:

-CV is a popular strategy for model selection, and algorithm selection.
-Compared to the resubstitution error, CV avoids overfitting because the training sample is independent from the validation sample.
-A noticed in the early 30s by Larson (1931), training an algorithm and evaluating its statistical performance on the same data yields an overoptimistic results.

There are books on statistical resampling methods covering more general topics, not limited to model selection. Instead, I decide to do a little search how CV is used in astronomy. These are the ADS search results. More publications than I expected.

One can easily grasp that many adopted CV under the machine learning context. The application of CV, and bootstrapping is not limited to machine learning. As Arlot’s title, CV is used for model selection. When it come to model selection in high energy astrophysics, not CV but reduced chi^2 measures and fitted curve eye balling are the standard procedure. Hopefully, a renovated model selection procedure via CV or other statistically robust strategy soon challenge the reduced chi^2 and eye balling. On the other hand, I doubt that it’ll come soon. Remember, eyes are the best classifier so it won’t be a easy task.

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