[ArXiv] Sparse Poisson Intensity Reconstruction Algorithms

One of [ArXiv] papers from yesterday whose title might drag lots of attentions from astronomers. Furthermore, it’s a short paper.
[arxiv:math.CO:0905.0483] by Harmany, Marcia, and Willet.

Estimating f under “Sparse Poisson Intensity” condition is an frequently appearing topic in high energy astrophysics data analysis. Some might like to check references in the paper, which offer solutions to compressed sensing problems with different kinds of sparsity, minimization approaches, and constraints on f.

Apart from the technical details, the first two sentences from the conclusion,

We have developed computational approaches for signal reconstruction from photon-limited measurements – a situation prevalent in many practical settings. Our method optimizes a regularized Poisson likelihood under nonnegativity constraints

tempt me to study and try their algorithm.

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