Web Seminar

I was disappointed when video, audio, or handout files were not available from the research program “Statistical Theory and Methods for Complex High-Dimensional Data” held at Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences during the first half of last year after checking the sites several times. Wow…They are now there~

Well, not all of them. Yet, presentations by those with familiar names to astronomers, like Donoho, Bickel, Murtagh, Candes, Jin, Spiegelhalter, McLachlan, Hall, and Rice are available. More presentations by personally worshiped statisticians are also up. :) Some are astrostatistics talks topic-wise or example-wise. Some are quite off from astronomical ground because of their large p and small n problems. If you have some spare time and want to learn top notch statistics handling high dimensional data, time can be well spent with these web seminars (a link for the seminar list).

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