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my first AAS. I. Regression

My first impression from the 212th AAS meeting is that it’s planned for preparing IYA 2009 and many talks are about current and future project reviews and strategies to reach public (People kept saying to me that winter meetings are more grand with expanded topics). I cannot say I understand everything (If someone says no astronomers understand everything, I’ll be relieved) but thanks to the theme of the meeting, I was intelligently entertained enough in many respects. The downside of this intellectual stimulus is growing doubts. One of those doubts was regression analysis in astronomy. Continue reading ‘my first AAS. I. Regression’ », a cool website I heard from Harvard Astronomy Professor Doug Finkbeiner’s class (Principles of Astronomical Measurements), does a complex job of matching your images of unknown locations or coordinates to sources in catalogs. By providing your images in various formats, they provide astrometric calibration meta-data and lists of known objects falling inside the field of view. Continue reading ‘’ »

[ArXiv] 4th week, Oct. 2007

I hope there are a paper or two drags your attentions and stimulates your thoughts in astrostatistics from arXiv.
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