The Chandra Multiwavelength Project:Galactic Plane Survey Chandra X-ray Observatory National Optical Astronomy Observatory

The ChaMPlane survey is being conducted at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.
ChaMPlane posters

ChaMPlane posters

  • The ChaMPlane Near-Infrared Survey and Database (HEAD Meeting, Hawai'i, Mar 2010)
  • ChaMPlane Galactic Bulge Latitude Survey: Optical Results (HEAD Meeting, Hawai'i, Mar 2010)
  • ChaMPlane: latest results and future projects (Chandra's First Decade of Discovery, Boston, Sept 2009)
  • Constraints on the CV space density towards the bulge (HEAD Meeting, San Fransisco, Oct 2006)
  • Bulge Windows Survey (Six Years of Chandra Symposium, Cambridge, Nov 2005)