The 10th Cambridge Workshop on Cool Stars, Stellar Systems and the Sun

V. Kashyap and J. Drake Figure 1a - Interactive Figure Using the Ov Applet

Quiet Sun, Feldman et al. abundances, Arnaud & Raymond ion balances

Figure 1: Emission Measures (EM) [cm-5] derived from combining all lines for particular ions, for the Active and Quiet Sun regions observed by SERTS. Error bars have been shown when multiple lines from the same ion have been combined to produce a single ion-averaged EM. Each symbol refers to an ion of a particular element, as listed to the right. Following Brosius et al. (1996), we have assumed solar coronal abundances derived by Feldman et al. (1992). The DEMs [cm-5] derived by Brosius et al. are represented by the solid curves. Note the scatter in the EMs predicted by individual lines. A simple DEM curve without an estimate of its uncertainty is clearly inadequate.

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