Generic NameR.A. (J2000) hh:mm:ss.sDec. (J2000) dd:mm:ss.szClassX-ray
Assoc. opticalAssoc. radioPA w.r.t coreDist. (H=71) (Mpc)kpc/" (H=71)
PKS0637-75206:35:46.5079-75:16:16.8140.651CDQknots in outer jetfaint knotssame as X-ray-9039096.9


Infrared jet detection in Uchiyama et al. (2005), and new HST NICMOS and ACS detections in Mehta et al. (2008) arXiv.

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X-ray (color), Radio (contours), Optical (plus signs)
From: Schwartz et al. (2000)
FITS available for download.

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