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Tue 2 Aug - Wed 3 Aug 2022

Pratt Conference Room
Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian
60 Garden St Cambridge MA 02138
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A hybrid workshop for CHASC and RISE-ASTROSTAT collaborators to discuss current projects and future directions.
zoom participants Aug 3 post-lunch group photo Aug 3 post-lunch


Tuesday August 2, 2022
9:00am EDT: Hyungsuk Tak (Penn State), Statistical Maxims for Astrophysics
-- Hyungsuk Tak Slides [.pdf]
9:45am EDT: Yang Chen (Michigan), C Statistics
-- Yang Chen Slides [.pdf]
10:30am EDT: Break
10:45am EDT: Josh Ingram, Xiao-Li Meng, & Bernhard Klingenberg (NCF, Harvard, & Williams), Power Law Estimation via MPS: Theory and Applications
-- Combined Presentation slides [.pdf]
11:30am EDT: Elias Kyristis (Crete), Fitting Scaling Relations with Low S/N Data
-- Elias Kyristis Slides [.pdf]
Noon EDT: Group Lunch @ CfA Courtyard
1:30pm EDT: RISE Grant PI's meeting (location TBD)
2:00pm EDT: Max Autenrieth & Antoine Meyer (Imperial), Populations of X-ray Sources
-- Max Autenrieth Slides [.pdf]
2:45pm EDT: Jeff Andrews (Crete), Evolution of Binary Stars into Gravitational Wave Sources
-- Jeff Andrews Slides [.pdf]
3:45pm EDT: Break
4:00pm EDT: Youwei Yan (Simon Fraser), Sunspot Cycles
-- Youwei Yan Slides [.pdf]
4:45pm EDT: Break
6:00pm EDT: Group Dinner @ CfA Courtyard
Wednesday August 3, 2022
9:00am EDT: Axel Donath & Aneta Siemiginowska (CfA & CfA), Bayesian Image Analysis: Extended Sources and Boundaries
-- Axel Donath Slides [.pdf]
-- Aneta Siemiginowska slides [.pdf]
10:15am EDT: Andrea Sottosanti & Lucas Janson (Imperial & Harvard), Source Detection via Bayesian Fitting and Controlled Detection
-- Andrea Sottosanti slides [.pdf]
-- Lucas Janson slides [.pdf]
11:15am EDT: Break
11:30am EDT: Max Autenrieth & Stephen Thorp (Imperial & Cambridge), Estimating Cosmological Parameters
-- Max Autenrieth Slides [.pdf]
-- Stephen Thorp Slides [.pdf]
12:15pm EDT: Group Lunch @ CfA Courtyard
1:30pm EDT: Elias Kyristis (Crete), ML-based Source Classification
-- Elias Kyristis Slides [.pdf]
2:00pm EDT: Andrea Sottosanti & Thomas Lee (Imperial & UCD), Break Points: Flare Detection and Automark
-- Andrea Sottosanti slides [.pdf]
-- Thomas Lee slides [.pdf]
3:15pm EDT: Break
3:30pm EDT: Thomas Lee (UCD), Non-Parametric Image Segmentation: gSRG & Fourier
-- Thomas Lee slides [.pdf]
4:15pm EDT: Herman Marshall (MIT), Polarization Statistics
-- Herman Marshall Slides [.pdf]
5:00pm EDT: Adjourn


David van Dyk (d.van-dyk  @  imperial  .  ac  .  uk)
Yang Chen (ychenang  @  umich  .  edu)
Aneta Siemiginowska (asiemiginowska  @  cfa  .  harvard  .  edu)
Vinay Kashyap (vkashyap  @  cfa  .  harvard  .  edu)


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Aug 2-3 2022